Functioning Dialogue

– Lisa Illichmann –

Feedback Dialogues

Leaders, teams and stakeholders who enjoy functioning dialogue and communication are productive and successful. Team members are able to contribute their thoughts and ideas and leaders have access to fresh impulses for optimal cooperation and leadership.

Through neutrally moderated feedback dialogues cooperation is improved and a culture of mutual feedback is fostered. Effectivity, cooperation and collaboration increase in a context of open dialogue. Combining all viewpoints allows for a holistic and comprehensive perspective geared for growth and development.

A typical feedback dialogue lasts approximately 4 hours and ends with mutual goal setting. There are countless configurations for effective feedback dialogues, depending on the needs of the team. Some of the most commonly used are the leadership dialogue(feedback between the team and their leader), the team dialogue (feedback among the team members themselves), and the stakeholder dialogue (feedback between the team and select stakeholders). 

Holding regular feedback dialogues (at least once per year) is an important measure towards creating and sustaining safe space and the exchange of essential information.

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