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Lisa for Private Clients

Learning how to let go of resistance is the most important step in finding happiness. Taking a good look at our thoughts and our emotions and learning to step away from the one and into the other opens the door to a fresh and new perspective on life. Happiness is always there, waiting to be discovered.

Lisa for Business Clients

Effective companies have a high degree of awareness of themselves and their stakeholders, clarity in the communication of the goals and expectations, transparency in terms of what is going on in the context around them, and agreed behavioral norms and standards which define the interactions among individuals, teams, and leaders.

Mindfulness – Mindful Presence

When we refer to mindfulness, or mindful presence, we’re not referring to some kind of meditation technique. Instead, we refer to a way of being in and interacting with the world; a quality, if you like, with which we can live our lives and experience our existence exactly as it is. Mindfulness refers to the quality of being openly present to our experience in this moment.

“Openly” means in a non-judgmental way and “present” means being aware of what’s going on – inside of us in the internal world and outside of us in the external world. Mindfulness can be understood as a synonym for active alertness – the ability to be awake and aware in this moment. Awake and aware of our inner and outer experience.


About me

Coming from a background in recruiting, I’ve been working with individuals and teams as a consultant for over fifteen years. My work has traditionally been focused on increasing the ability of the individual to move into and successfully communicate essential/substantial issues and topics (especially if they are uncomfortable, controversial, or conflictual), thus increasing performance, job satisfaction and collaboration with others..

Mindful awareness as a tool to distinguish the interpretation (personal reality) from the outer world (collective reality) is the doorway into understanding and resolving conflict, deepening relationships and improving the quality of our lives. This doorway leads from feelings of stress, overwhelm, conflict, anger, fear, worry, anxiety, loss of control, etc.. into a sense of well-being, connection, and joy.