Mindfulness Matters

– Lisa Illichmann –

Lisa Illichmann

Coming from a background in recruiting, I’ve been working with individuals and teams as a consultant for over twenty years.

My work has traditionally been focused on increasing the ability of the individual to move into and successfully communicate essential/substantial issues and topics (especially if they are uncomfortable, controversial, or conflictual), thus increasing performance, job satisfaction and collaboration with others.

Actively moving into uncomfortable issues and topics is an excellent way of getting to know ourselves better, thus learning how our interpretations shape our beliefs and emotions, and how these in turn shape our decisions and actions. Getting a better understanding of our own mind and seeing what it’s up to gives us equal insight into others. This forms the basis of high performance – our deeper insight into what is really going on around us and in us reduces our stress and resistance, and thus opens us up to creativity, insight, collaboration and enjoyment – qualities of high performers.

The last ten years has seen a change in my work, moving me more towards a focus on teams in complex environments. As complexity grows, the need for collaboration has also grown.

The team can no longer be seen as a group of individuals, but instead as an entity or organism in and of itself. Helping teams understand what it takes to be high performance teams and supporting them in becoming more aware of the way they work together has become my main focus.

Helping individual members of teams understand and fill their roles within those teams is also part and parcel of that work – but the emphasis always remains on the ability to communicate and collaborate with others through increased awareness of external and internal happenings.

I hold an M.A. in Psychology (USA), specialising in the integration of unconscious potential according to C.G. Jung and the Eastern Wisdom Traditions, and have extensive background in Nonviolent Communication and conflict mediation. I also hold a Diploma in Buddhist Psychology from the International Institute of Higher Tibetan Studies.

I work in German and in English.

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