Mindfulness Matters

– Lisa Illichmann –

Individual coaching

Much of our lives is spent in our minds and in our interpretations of what is going on outside of us in the external world. These interpretations are neither wrong nor right, they are just interpretations based on our past experiences, expectations, hopes and fears – they are not truth or untruth. And they are sometimes more helpful and sometimes less. In individual coaching we take a look at these interpretations in the areas where we’re stuck, or in areas where we’d like to grow.

Being able to step out of our interpretations to turn and look at them from the outside, as it were, offers a fresh view of our current situation. We step out to look at our perspective, as opposed to looking through our perspective. In doing this, we gain more objectivity and a more holistic understanding of ourselves and the world around us.

We gain more clarity around our own thoughts, beliefs, and emotions, as well as more understanding for others, and insight into the external situations and events around us.

This leads to better informed decisions and actions.

Learning that there is always more than one way of seeing things helps us to let go of positions, beliefs and behaviors that aren’t helping us reach our goals. This supports us in both our professional and private lives. Opening up to new ways of seeing things changes us fundamentally and helps us integrate more beneficially in the structures and systems around us, be they teams, families or communities – in short, in all relationships; particularly in our relationship with ourselves.

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