Lisa Illichmann

I’m licensed in Austria as a business consultant, and life and social counselor. I hold an M.A. in Psychology (USA), specialising in the integration of unconscious potential according to C.G. Jung and the Eastern Wisdom Traditions (esp. Mahayana Buddhism and Advaita Vedanta), and have an extensive background in Nonviolent Communication and conflict mediation. I also hold a Diploma in Buddhist Psychology from the International Institute of Higher Tibetan Studies.

In my work I help you optimize your ability to realize your potential and to live a more fulfilling and satisfying life. My goal is simply to help you find hidden potential, identify what’s really important, and support you in expressing your deepest values. I don’t have the answers, but together we can ask the right questions to find the answers that are important to you, to move past unconscious patterns of thought and beliefs that are keeping you from the satisfaction we all seek and deserve.

Mindfulness is the fundamental basis of all my work, as it leads to deepened satisfaction, happiness and success. Simply being here and really understanding what is going on in and around us is the key. It allows us to gain more clarity and insight – both into our own minds, and into the context of our lives. This increased understanding gives our choices greater scope and depth. We can begin to thoughtfully respond to others and to life, instead of falling into habitual reactions.

My work is based in awareness as the foundation of who we are. It gives us self-knowledge, clear vision and the ability to transform. Helping you develop and deepen your practice in mindfulness is central to my work in all areas.